Meet the Team

It takes a village. We built this city. Somewhere over the rainbow. You get it.

Knox McCoy

Founder / Host

He enjoys movies, football, food, and sleep and prefers them to all be in very close proximity to each other. One time, he saw Common at the airport and talked to him briefly. It was pretty sweet. Knox has two non-fiction books, The Wondering Years (2018) and All Things Reconsidered (2020).

Jamie B. Golden

Founder / Host

She enjoys good movies, even better TV, and Chris Pine represented in both. One time, she was hit by a naked drunk driver on the way home from a Walking Dead party. It was pretty sweet.

Erin Moon

Senior Creative + Producer

Erin is a displaced Texan living in Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys reading, binge-watching TV, and a good IMDB deep dive. One time, Carrie Fisher favorited one of her tweets. It was pretty sweet.

Christiana Hill

Director of Operations

Christiana is a perpetual wanderer who currently calls Seattle, Washington home. She enjoys baking, Googling the end to movies, learning useless new hobbies, and metal detecting with (or without) a permit. One time she was on a Tiny House, Big Living episode. It was regrettable.

Terrance Jackson

Associate Editor

Terrance now lives in Virginia after working all over the east coast as a professional stage actor. He enjoys YouTube tutorials so much, if he could, he would have a degree from YouTube University. When he is not creating content for work or editing for The Popcast, you can catch him outside with binoculars looking at birds.

Evan Dodson

The Bible Binge Community Manager

Evan lives in Portland, Oregon after working at Walt Disney World for six years. He enjoys quilting, long introspective walks in the woods, and making custom t-shirts inspired by Taylor Swift lyrics. One time Kelly Clarkson shaded Taylor Swift to him. He’s still recovering.

Indiana Adams

The Popcast Community Manager

Indiana lives in Atlanta, Georgia but did, in fact, grow up in Indiana. She enjoys eating chicken wings, wearing overalls, and discussing pop culture conspiracy theories. She didn’t make the cheerleading squad in high school, but still managed to be one on Friday Night Lights.

Emily Zarbock

Chief Numbers Officer

Emily is a Colorado native living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves knitting, and has yarn stashed all over her house. She can tell you which gas station has the best fountain drinks within a five mile radius, and she has never sworn at her husband more than when he tried to teach her how to ski.

Madison Browder

Associate Editor

Madison lives in Nashville, TN with her doodle Murray. She is in constant pursuit of the best local tacos, enjoys trashy reality tv and will never turn down a conversation about Georgia Bulldogs sports.

Ualla Bisbano

Chief Details Officer

Ualla (like Walla Walla, WA) is a Brazilian who lives in New England because she can’t handle hot weather. Since her name is made up, she really doesn’t care how you pronounce it. In her downtime she can be found reading, scrolling household/lifestyle Instagram feeds  for pretty things or on #organizationtiktok and #cleantok for inspiration. 

  • Books: Station Eleven; A Court of Mist and Fury; Rules of Civility; The Glorious Guiness Girls;  American Dirt; The Dutch House; Roots
  • Movies: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days; My Best Friend’s Wedding; Sweet Home Alabama; A Knight’s Tale;  Inception
  • Television: Succession; Gilmore Girls; One Tree Hill; Mad Men; Yellowstone; For All Mankind; Outlander; Veep  
  • Music: “Sex,  Drugs, Etc.” by Beach Weather, “Run Away to Mars” by TALK, “The Great War” by Taylor Swift, and “Cut Deep” by Matt Maes